Running on Empty

This little dog was found lying on the side of a country road so weak he couldn’t stand. He had one of the worst flea infestations we’ve ever seen and was crawling with literally hundreds of fleas.  When we bathed him, he collapsed and could only lay in the tub making this pitiful little groans.


“Flea” only weighs three pounds and was so anemic from all the blood he lost being ‘flea food’ that his lips, tongue and the inside of his ears were a pasty white.  We rushed him to LVSES where he has undergone a blood transfusion and is now fighting for his life.

Even though we knew our Spirit Fund was severely depleted, we couldn’t stand by and not make sure that “Flea” got the medical treatment he so desperately needed.  His vet bill is already around $800 and could be more before he’s out of the woods.

We are hoping that, as you’ve done so many times in the past, you will come to our aid and make whatever donation you can afford toward Flea’s medical bills.  A dime, a dollar…whatever you can afford to give.   Flea is estimated to be only around a year old and the suffering he is going through now was totally avoidable.  He deserves a chance for a better future.     Please help us make sure that he has that chance!

UPDATE:   Little Flea got an ‘all clear’ on his bloodwork at a recent vet visit and today he received a much-needed complimentary “extreme makeover” from the wonderful folks at All About Pets Animal Resort and Grooming Salon.   Check out his new look:


The groomers said it didn’t appear that Flea had ever been groomed before and he was quite the handful, preventing them from doing as good a job as they wanted to but the little guy definitely looks a whole lot better!     He will be neutered on Thursday, October 11, 2012, and then will be ready for a new home.   Flea’s had to travel a long road toward a second chance at happiness and a loving home but he’s continued to show time and time again that he’s a real trouper!

Thanks for everyone who donated on behalf of Flea.  While this little guy is well on his way to a happy ending, we continue to help other unfortunate dogs and cats that often have medical issues as bad as, and sometimes worse than, Flea’s.   Hopefully, you’ll continue to donate what you can when you can to our Spirit Fund.

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