Adoption Fees

We are often asked why there are different adoption fees for different animals. The answer is because we need adopters who are willing to support ALL homeless pets, not just the one they adopt. A young, healthy dog or cat that doesn’t require more than routine medical care (vaccinations, wormings, monthly preventatives, altering, etc) and expenses associated with daily care (food, bedding, toys, etc) can easily cost us several hundreds of dollars before it’s adopted. An older dog or cat, however, could easily cost us a thousand dollars or more before it gets adopted yet we may ask only a minimal adoption fee, and it could be months (or sometimes years) before someone steps forward to adopt it. Adoption fees for the more adoptable animals help us offset the cost of caring for the others. It is our hope that our adopters share our belief that ALL displaced dogs and cats deserve an opportunity for a better life and that they will support the less fortunate, less adoptable through adoption fees.

Kittens and Puppies:  Adoption fees BEGIN at $50 for kittens and $120 for puppies. In addition, adoption of a kitten  too young to alter requires a $75 voucher payment towards a spay or neuter. Adoption of a puppy  too young to alter requires a $150 voucher payment towards a spay or neuter.

Dogs:  Adoption fees BEGIN at $210 for mixed and/or large breeds and BEGIN at $225 for small mixed and pure breeds (exception for older or special needs pure breeds). A Jefferson County license fee may be applicable. Apply online here

Cats:  Adoption fees BEGIN at $50 (cats with claws) and $60 (cats without claws). A Jefferson County license fee may be applicable.  Apply online here.

Payment to register HOME AGAIN microchip is also required at the time of adoption. Current registration fee is $15.00 and may be in addition to the Adoption Fee if not otherwise noted on the animal’s cage card.

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