Boutique Babes

January 2012

The Animal Care Society’s Annual 2011 Bow Wow Meow Boutique started off the official holiday season with a bang and was a smashing success! Over $18,000 was raised and 100% of these much-needed funds will be used in our mission to shelter and re-home hundreds of displaced dogs and cats that will need our help in the coming year.
The preparations started months before the first weekend in December and such a huge undertaking couldn’t have been successfully pulled off without the hard work of our wonderful volunteers.
The response to our requests for donated items was overwhelming as dozens of our wonderful supporters delivered all kinds of ‘treasures’ to the shelter day after day sparking the creativity of those put in charge of taking all those items and assembling them into ‘themed’ baskets.
Our Executive Director, Bunny Zeller, assembled the usual suspects …er…experts – Lexie Koestner, Gale McCauley, Alice Chiles, Karen Briggs, Sherry McKinney, Pam Snoddy, Jackie Irwin, Diane Whiting, Laura Sisterman, Wendy Delozier, Cindy Thompson, Suzanne Bolus, Joan Marsh, Anne Wehrley, and Joy Brown – who met with staff members a couple of days a week for several months coming up with ideas for, assembling, wrapping, pricing hundreds of baskets and visiting area businesses requesting gift cards. The Basket Babes did the impossible by out doing the creativity and number of baskets (over 800) from previous years. As always, the shelter and its staff are extremely grateful to these ladies. Much thanks also to the tireless Jim McKinney (who hopes that another strong man will someday soon step up and haul stuff around for the “Basket Babes”)!
Our gratitude is also extended to the volunteers who ‘manned’ the shelter both during the months leading up to the event so that staff members could help in the basket-making as well as the ones who came in to help clean, care for the animals, answer phones, and assist customers at the shelter during the weekend of the Boutique.
This year, our venue – much to the surprise of some of our patrons- was not at the shelter but at 4000 Collins Lane just two minutes from our property! The use of this convenient location was generously donated by our neighbor, Manning Enterprises, and we truly appreciate their kindness! Many of the fundraiser’s attendees expressed how much easier it was to shop because we had separate rooms for our Silent Auction and for the bonanza of baskets available to purchase! The only thing clogging up the aisles were old friends, neighbors, and members greeting each other and trading “critter “stories.
In addition to being more convenient for our shoppers, the new venue also allowed the shelter to remain open to the public for viewing the animals and adoptions during the Boutique and, as a result, nine “furry guests” found loving new homes for the holidays that weekend!
So, to everyone who contributed to this important fundraiser –whether you donated items, your time, or your dollars – a huge THANK YOU!
See ya next year!

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