Adoptable Cat

This handsome young fella lost his home because he played too rough with the young child in the home. With another baby on the way, Dewey’s owners felt it best to go ahead and rehome Dewey. It’s a story we hear often and is why we don’t like to put young animals in homes with young children. Most of the time, the injuries are just the result of rambunctious play and isn’t an indication that the animal is aggressive. Since Dewey’s a pretty friendly kitten, we think that’s the case here. Still, whether the scratches are intentional or accidental, they still hurt tender young skin. Dewey would fare better in a home with older children or adults. Dewey lived with another cat (that he was affectionate and playful with) and a dog (that he “didn’t hang with”) in his first home so he might enjoy a similar environment in his new home. Dewey likes to be petted on his head, back and sides but NOT his belly. He also doesn’t like veterinarians. Dewey loves to play and every cat he meets he immediately sees as a playmate so he’d be happiest in a multi-cat home. Although his owners told us that Dewey is a Russian Blue (and he does have the solid gray coat and dark nose of the breed), his eyes are more of a goldish green – not the vivid green found in the breed. He’s still a gorgeous kitty, though, purebred or not! To find out if Dewey would be a good fit for you and your household, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet him.

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