Featured Dog

Steffani is a gorgeous hound mix and, as you can see, she has gorgeous eyes!   This gal came to us several months ago with her sister, Brittni (also available for adoption).   Unfortunately, the two pups had a common but difficult to eradicate condition that took us quite awhile to resolve.  Now that Steffani (and Brittni) have received an ‘all clear’ from the vet, she’s ready to start the next chapter of her life – being someone’s cherished canine companion.    Steffani is very friendly and never meets a stranger.   She has a lot of energy and would do best with an active adopter who will make sure she gets enough exercise.   A fenced yard is a must for this leggy gal because she loves to run.    What Steffani loves the most, however, is eating!  You’d never guess it from her slim physiquc but she could probably eat her weight in dog food every day if given the choice!   If you’re looking for an active dog with a great personality, make sure you stop by our shelter and ask to meet Steffani.    She’s up-to-date on all her vaccinations, spayed, micr0-chipped and is on monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives.    And while you’re here, ask to meet Brittni, too!

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