Featured Dog

Meet Goldie.    This honey-colored beauty looks to be a mix of Lab and Golden Retriever with maybe some kind of Shepherd.  While her breed make-up is uncertain, there’s no question about what a nice dog Goldie is.   She  is super-sweet (although a little timid at times around some people).  Estimated to be a year old in December of 2016,  Goldie still has a lot of puppy playfulness in her.  She gets very excited when you first take her out of her kennel but settles down nicely after a few minutes.   Goldie LOVES her walks and, because she has a lot of energy, can easily go a couple of miles.    We think she would do best with owners that are physically active and who will make sure that she receives ample exercise and play time.  If you’re an avid walker or jogger – or just need the incentive to become one – Goldie’s your gal!  Because she was a transfer-in from a county shelter where she had been ‘dumped,’ we don’t have a history for Goldie prior to her arrival at our shelter.   She wasn’t spayed and it’s possible she may have had a litter of pups previously as she can become over-protective if she has too many toys at one time – she will gather them around her and curl up in her blanket as though she thinks the toys are her puppies that she has to watch over and protect.  When she has one toy, she’s more than happy to share, however.   Goldie seems to like other dogs but we’re not sure about cats.   If you would like to give Goldie a loving and committed forever home, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet her.

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