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At first, “Goliath” seems like a mighty big name for a little bitty dog but, once you spend some time with this 7-lb Chihuahua, it makes perfect sense!   This personality-plus pup was born on 2/20/17 and purchased  at the age of 2 months from a breeder by a lady in her 60′s.  Both Goliath and his owner thought they’d be together forever.  However, when the woman had to move out of state due to health issues, Goliath’s life took a new turn.  His owner would have loved for Goliath to move with her but the relative she was having to move in with was highly allergic to dogs.  She also worried that the long drive across the country would be too traumatic for Goliath.  So now he’s here with us in search of a new home.  We were told that Goliath loves car rides (will sit on the passenger seat or in the passenger’s lap); loves chasing balls and playing with rubber squeaky toys (the stuffed ones are too tempting for him not to tear up); is not good around dogs a lot bigger than him but good with similar-sized dogs; has never been around children; ‘runs and charges’ on leash (his owner said she usually carried him over her shoulder like a baby on walks); slept in his owner’s room at night and when home alone; will use pee pads and is working on housetraining (will ‘go’ outside but doesn’t let you know when he needs to potty).    It didn’t take long for Goliath to become a staff favorite and we just can’t understand why no one’s adopted him yet!    Yes, he does kind of ‘bounce off the walls’ when he’s in his kennel but that’s just because he such a people lover and is overcome with excitement when someone walks by his gate.    Ask to spend some time with him alone and you’ll find out that he calms down quite nicely.   He adores playing with toys and he really enjoys going on walks.   Of course, he will require a coat and sweater to keep him warm during walks in inclement/cold weather.    Chihuahuas bond very closely with their people and every time they lose the person they love and their home, it becomes a little harder for them to trust and adapt.   Poor Goliath has already suffered the heartbreak of losing one owner so we want to make sure that his next owner will be with him the rest of his natural life.  To find out if you and Goliath would be a good fit for each other, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet him.

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