Featured Dog

Meet Bentley!   This sweet little 8-lb fella is about as lovable as they come which, unfortunately, proved to be his downfall in a previous home.  The man who originally adopted Bentley two years ago from another shelter lived in an apartment and worked all day.  Poor Bentley got so lonely he would bark excessively which resulted in an “it’s you or the dog” ultimatum.  The man then gave Bentley to his brother and things were great for several months.  But then the brother had to move to an apartment that will only allow his wife’s service dog so poor Bentley is, once again, in need of a new home.  We were told that Bentley is “house-trained but he will sometimes potty on the kitchen floor at night.”   He has done excellent here both in a crate and in a kennel.   His owner also said that Bentley likes other dogs but has never been around cats.   He does fine in a playgroup with several other small breed dogs and pretty much ignores the kittens in the condos in our lobby when he goes out for his leash walks.   iAlthough Bentley is very loving and friendly, he has never been around children younger than 15 years of age.    We were told that he’s good in the car but wants to sit on your lap.  Actually, sitting on someone’s lap is Bentley’s very favorite thing to do!  If you sit down, he will be crawling into your lap almost immediately and he’s quite content to stay there for as long as possible.  Bentley likes his leash walks, too.  If you enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood once or twice a day (or just need an incentive to start walking some), this little guy would make a great companion!    Bentley may not be the right dog for someone who lives in an apartment or condo but he’s going to make a wonderful companion for the person who has the time to spend with him.  Since he’s only around 3-4 years old, he has a whole lot of time to provide a whole lot of loving to his adopter!  If you would like to give Bentley the loving and committed forever home he wants so desperately, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet him.

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