Featured Dog

Meet Edward – a 4-5 year old, 40-lb mixed breed of maybe Beagle or Hound and possibly Lab or Shepherd.   Poor Edward was turned into a high-kill rural county shelter by an adopter who said Edward “ate her garage.”   Since his transfer to our shelter, Edward has been a wonderful guest and quickly became a staff favorite because of his easy-going ways.    We have no doubt that this goofy guy with his big heart and big grin would have been quickly adopted but, unfortunately, Edward tested positive for heartworms upon his arrival at ACS  - which meant an expensive and lengthy course of treatment.   Edward is being a real trouper about it all, though. His outside time has to be limited to very short walks just long enough to relieve himself and he lets us know when he needs a potty break by barking    The rest of the time Edward is in his kennel gnawing on one of his beloved bones or chewing on a toy.   About the only indication he’s given of being “destructive’ is his destroying the occasional stuffed toy.   It can’t be easy (or fun) having to be so limited but Edward doesn’t seem to mind.   The beginning of his life wasn’t so great but we’re here to make sure that the rest of Edward’s life will be a happy one.     Edward will will be done with his heartworm treatment the end of August 2017 and could go to a home any time after that.    Because, however, Edward will still be under exercise restrictions until the end of February 2018, his new owner will need to limit Edward’s exercise to potty breaks and provide him with a calm and quiet atmosphere until then.    If you have a soft spot for sweet lovable dogs, make sure you stop by the shelter and ask to meet Edward.

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