Featured Dog

Cheeta and her siblings were born around the end of May 2018 to a Jack Russell Terrier mom whose lips are sealed as to the identity of the pups dad(s).   The pups were rescued and transferred to our shelter in early July but, due to their poor state of health, they weren’t available for adoption until September.   We’ve had so much fun watching them grow from little furballs that would almost fit into your hand to 13-16 lb bundles of energy.   And, while we will miss them, we know it’s time for them each to find their Special Person and become a much-loved furry family member.   The pups are doing well on paper-training but their adopters will need to continue working with them until they are house-trained.    They are active, playful and energetic and need adopters who can keep up with them and make sure that they are well-exercised.     A bored puppy can quickly became a canine destruction machine!    An appropriate mix of play and training with a lot of patience and love will usually  result in a well-mannered dog that will love you until its dying breath.   If you don’t have much time or patience or prefer your canine companion to be more of a couch potato, then an older, more settled dog would probably be a better choice for you.   If, however, you like a little chaos now then to shake things up, then one of these pups might be right for you.    The pups will get their third vaccination on 9/12/18 and will then be ready for meet and greets.