Featured Dog

Meet Gibson – a super handsome scruffy-coated fella.  Although Gibson weighs around 45 pounds, he is just a big baby at heart!   He seems to like everyone and greets people with a ton of enthusiasm.   We’ve been working with Gibson about jumping up on people, rushing his kennel door, and pulling when on lead but he’s not quite there yet and still needs some work in all three areas.    His energetic personality along with his size might be a little too intimidating for young children or  children who haven’t been around big active dogs – keep this in mind if either live in or frequently visit your home.  After all, time spent with a dog should produce pleasant memories for a child.   We’re not sure of Gibson’s breed make-up – some people have guessed Airedale – but he’s definitely kind some kind of scruffy breed in there somewhere.   Because he was transferred to our shelter from a rural county shelter, we don’t have any history on him and can only provide potential adopters with what we’ve observed about him since he became our guest.   Gibson usually doesn’t like to potty in his kennel so he might be house-trained but his adopter should have the time, patience and experience to work with him on this if it should prove necessary.     Like most young dogs, Gibson has a LOT of energy and will do best with an owner that is as energetic and active as he is.  Someone that can take him on long walks daily and spend at least an hour or so a day playing with him in the yard.  Dogs that are bored and don’t get enough exercise can easily become destructive and a dog Gibson’s size could do some serious damage if he decided to make his own entertainment!    Joggers or weekend hikers will probably find Gibson to be more than willing to tag along.     If you would like to meet Gibson and see if he might be a good fit for you and your household, just stop by our shelter soon.

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