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Lady Luck must have a soft spot in her heart for this young Lab mix.  Estimated to be around a year old, Sherry has been through a lot in her young life and, there’s no question, is lucky to be here. We first heard of Sherry and her at-that-time 3-day old litter of five on the website of a high-kill rural county shelter that was desperately trying to find a rescue for the canine family. We quickly contacted them and made arrangements to have the young mom and her babies transported to our shelter.  Sherry and her precious pups arrived at our shelter in early September and it was a real joy watching the pups grow up.  Once they were weaned, we gave Sherry some time to recuperate then sent her to be spayed. That’s when we discovered that Sherry gets very panicky in new places.  Within minutes of being placed in the vet’s outside area, Sherry somehow managed to get over their 10-foot fence.  The vet staff, ACS staff and a dog-loving motorist on her way home from work spent hours combing the area for Sherry.  When it became obvious that Sherry was still in the area but too frightened to come out of hiding, we left a kennel behind the vet’s office and placed soiled papers and bedding from one of her pups inside it hoping it would lure Sherry to the spot. There were a lot of prayers from a lot of people that night.   We were SO relieved when the vet’s clinic called us the next morning to tell us they found Sherry in the kennel when they came into work that morning.  No question about it, Sherry sure is a lucky dog! Although extremely affectionate, she may be a little shy at first around new people and (as we found out the hard way) is definitely nervous in new places.  If she got over a 10-ft privacy fence, she’s likely to be able to get over ANY fence if she takes a mind to do so.  While Sherry hasn’t tried to get over the 6-ft fences in our outside kennels, her adopter should be prepared, and be willing, to make sure Sherry is on leash when outside for however long a period it takes for her to adapt to her new home.  Once she’s settled in like she did here, she might turn out to be a real homebody and never want to leave your side. Still, we want to make sure Sherry’s adopter is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.    We promise you…the love and devotion sweet Sherry has to offer make her DEFINITELY worth any extra effort that might prove necessary.   To find out if Sherry would be a good fit for you and your household, just stop by the shelter and ask to spend some time with her.


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