Featured Dog

Meet Meeko! This handsome, high-energy Miniature Australian Shepherd was born on 10/20/18 and purchased from a breeder at the age of 6 weeks.  His owners had intended for Meeko to be a service dog for an ill family member.  Unfortunately, the two were not a good fit for each other.  Meeko was just too energetic and his behavior a little too frantic.  It wasn’t easy for the family to finally come to the conclusion that Meeko would be much happy in a home with people that were younger, healthier and more active than them. However, they loved Meeko enough to want him to have a better life.  We promised them we would make sure that Meeko’s next home would be the perfect fit for him.  To help us do that, they shared with us that Meeko is ’90%’ house-trained to outside but will use puppy pads inside; is used to sleeping in bed with them at night and has never been crated more than 4 hours when left alone; loves car rides and leash walks; takes time to acclimate to chidren and, because of his strong herding instincts, would not do well in a home with young children (under age 12); gets along well with most dogs after an introductory period and might be OK with cats (but may find it too difficult to resist herding them, too!); will tear up stuffed toys or stuffed dog beds but loves chew bones and rubber dog toys that squeak; and loves to sit on laps (after he’s burned off some energy). Meeko is a truly gorgeous dog and we’re sure a lot of people are going to want to adopt him because of that but we take our responsibility of placing our furry guests in the most appropriate homes very seriously.  If you work long hours, aren’t a very energetic person and aren’t willing to spend several hours a day exercising Meeko’s mind and body, don’t have a fenced yard, or have young children who live in or frequently visit your home, Meeko is not a good fit for you.  The poor guy has already had his heart broken once and that was pretty hard on him so we want to do everything we possibly can to make sure his next home will be his home for the rest of his life. So, please research this breed and do an honest assessment of your ability to meet Meeko’s needs.  If you think you all might be perfect for each other, stop by our shelter to fill out an application and meet him.


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