Featured Dog

Meet Max – a 7.5-lb Chihuahua mix (most likely with Yorkie) that was surrendered to another shelter by his owners because Max and the other dog already in the home weren’t getting along.  We’re not sure if the other dog didn’t care for Max or vice versa but, so far, Max has done well with both male and female dogs similar to his size here at our shelter.   He is playful, however,  so an older more sedentary dog might find him a tad bothersome after awhile. The other shelter did a temperament test on Max and he aced all the tests (Stare, Sensitivity, Tag, Pinch, Food Aggression, and Dog-to-Dog Aggression) but anyone wanting to adopt Max needs to know that this little guy – while super-friendly and fun – can be VERY vocal.  His bark is a bit on the high-pitched side, too.  If you live in an apartment or condo or just prefer a quiet dog, Max may  not be a good fit for you.  His barking has subsided somewhat now that he’s been with us a couple of weeks and as he gets older, his barking tendencies might diminish but we just wanted interested adopters to know about this.  We don’t know if Max is house- or crate-trained but he does use the newspaper in his kennel to do his business and is at a great age for house-training.  He recently had his booster vaccination allowing him to go for walks and he is really good on leash.   He has a cute little strut to his walk and loves the exercise!    Max also loves attention and hates to be alone.  He is very friendly and affectionate (not to mention highly entertaining) and would make a great canine companion for someone who has a lot of time to spend with him.  And, because he’s so small, he could easily accompany his new owner just about everywhere dogs were allowed.  Max is sure to add a lot of love and laughter to the hearts and home of whomever adopts him.    If you would like to give this little guy the loving and committed forever home he’s longing for, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet him.

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