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Have you ever seen such a diverse looking litter of pups?!     The offspring of a 47-lb Lab/Beagle papa and a 19-lb Dachshund/Terrier mama, some of the pups are lean with long legs while some of the pups are stocky with short legs.   ALL of the pups are friendly, playful, and full of energy.    They never meet a person or toy they don’t like and are quick to chew on both with equal enthusiasm!    More than one staff member has had a hole ripped in a pant leg  or received a few scratches on their arms!    While the pups don’t mean any harm, they can easily injure and/or frighten a young child or a child who isn’t used to the frantic energy level of a puppy.    The pups have a great time playing together.    They’ll run around like crazy than crash hard for energy-restoring naps.   We think all of them would love a home that has another canine-friendly dog.   An older, calmer dog in the adopter’s home could serve as both a role model and a playmate for any of these ‘ruff around the edges’ pups!    While puppies are cute as can be and a whole lot of fun, they require a lot of training in order to grow up to be well-behaved dogs.   Adopters need to have sufficient time, ample patience, an unlimited budget and. preferably, previous experience in raising a puppy to ensure the most successful outcome.   After all, the dog you end up with is a direct reflection of how you raised it as a puppy.      If you would like to give one of these pups a loving and committed forever home, just submit an application by clicking on DOG/PUPPY APPLICATION that appears in the white drop-down box when you put your cursor on the ADOPT A PET heading on our Home Page.   Once we’ve worked your application, we will contact you.    The pups haven’t had all their vaccinations yet so only approved applicants can meet them.  We want to keep them healthy for their adopters and thank everyone for understanding!


Wyatt and Daphne 0221818 (640x480) Wyatt 022818 (416x640) Wyatt 022818 (1) (640x480) Talya Wyatt Daphne Becka and Mariana 030818 (640x480) Talya Wyatt Daphne Becka and Mariana 030818 (1) (640x480) Talya Wyatt Becka Dahne Mariana and Brandon 030818 (640x507) Talya Brandon Becka Daphne Mariana and Wyatt 030818 (640x360) Mariana 7 022818 Mariana Becka and Talya 022818 (640x464) Talya 022818 (640x474) Talya and Becka 022818 (619x640) Mariana 6 022818 Fosters Puppies 022818 Daphne and Brandon 022818 Daphne 022818 (640x480) BRANDON AND WYATT 4 022818 Brandon and Mariana 022818 Becka 022818 (457x640) and Talya 022818