Featured Dog

Poor Penny!   We just can’t seem to find her an owner that understands that owning a pet should be a lifetime commitment!  First brought to us as a stray in October of 2010, Penny (named “Scarlet” by her Good Samaritan) was estimated to be around 7-8 months old at the time.  Scarlet was such a sweet and loving little dog that she was quickly adopted into what we thought would be her forever home.  Unfortunately, the adopters’ brought Scarlet – now renamed “Dinah” – back to us less than a year later because they were moving and said Dinah couldn’t go with them.  In April of 2011, Dinah was adopted to a gentleman who had an excellent history of committing to his pets.  But, once again, a forever home for Dinah now renamed “Penny” was not meant to be.  When the man and his girlfriend split up, the girlfriend took Penny because of their attachment to one another.   Unfortunately, that attachment wasn’t strong enough to weather a ‘rought spot’ when, 7 years later, the lady returned to working full time.   Penny apparently had a difficult time adjusting to being alone all day after so many years of constant companionship.    In May of 2019, Penny was given away (to someone the lady didn’t personally know and can’t remember) and then she somehow ended up running the streets of St. Matthews as a stray.  Penny was so frightened that a ‘live trap’ had to be used to capture her.  So now Penny, after three homes and three names, is back with us hoping, as we are, that someone will finally give her the loving and committed forever home she deserves.  This little Chihuahua mix weighs 16-lbs and is now 9 years old.  She is super affectionate and eagerly shares her kisses with anyone that gives her the opportunity to do so.  Penny has a very calm demeanor and, while she enjoys a brisk walk or two a day, she is quite content to curl up on your lap for as long as you’ll allow.  According to her last owner, Penny was house-trained until the woman returned to working full-time then Penny started ‘acting out’ by pottying inside.    Since becoming our guest, however, she’s kept her kennel immaculately clean and she will bark to let us know when she needs a potty break.    Penny knew all the basic obedience commands at one point and seems to have retained that knowledge.  She lived with a dog, a cat and three children in her last home.    We were told, however, that Penny doesn’t like it when kids ‘get in her face’ and, while she’s good with dogs in her space, she can act aggressively toward them on leash.  A lot of dogs (especially smaller dogs) display this behavior (my own included!) but will do fine when in the same room or yard.   Penny has been in a playgroup with at least 7 or 8 dogs since her return to ACS and has done fine with them all.    If you currently have dogs in your home, the required ‘meet and greet’ for an approved adoption would help you determine if there would be doggie harmony or disharmony in your home.  Penny may not be a “Spring Chicken” anymore but, in a lot of ways, that’s a good thing!   While she doesn’t need all the exercise a younger dog requires, she still has a lot of pep in her step.  She’s past the destructive stage and never disturbs anything in her kennel.    The capacity to love and love fully is not limited by years and Penny is still very good at doing both.   She has so much love and affection to bestow on the person who sees beyond the graying muzzle into the full heart just waiting to love someone again.    If you can promise Penny your heart and home for the rest of her natural years, we (and she) would love to meet you so stop by soon and ask to spend some time with Penny.


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