Featured Dog

Meet Sable – a very people-friendly gal who loves to give kisses and has a very outgoing personality.   We don’t know how Sable is with cats yet but  she’s “OK” with dogs provided she’s in a big open space with them.  However, she is bit of a “diva”  and, because she likes to be ‘top dog,’ she will stand her ground with another female or dominant male if necessary.    Sable has is so loving and so much fun, you may just decide that she’s fine being your ‘one and only!’   This 40-lb, 1-yr old looks like a mix of maybe Shepherd, Lab or Hound and would be a great choice for an active household that has a lot of time to keep her well-exercised and entertained.    She loves romps in the yard and long leash walks so if you need an exercise buddy or motivation to start being more active outdoors, Sable’s your girl!    She was pulled from a high-kill county shelter the day before her ‘time was up’ and she’s been thanking us ever since!   She loves attention and is quick to return affection. Because we don’t have any prior history on her, we don’t know if she is house-trained but she’s doing a great job of keeping her kennel clean until her ‘outside time.’   Still, her new owner should have the time, experience and patience to work with Sable on this as well as all the other things she might need to learn.    To find out if Sable would be a good fit for you and your household, just stop by the shelter and ask to meet her.


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