No April Fools Joke!

6/23/12 UPDATE – Emily’s pups have all found loving forever homes except our late arrival and runt “Squirt”.  This baby is super sweet having known nothing but love and kindness from humans since the moment she was born.   Her little tail is always wagging and her day is filled with playtime with mommy, eating, and naps.   If you would like to give this last adorable puppy a wonderful home, just stop by the shelter soon!



It might have seemed like a joke but on Sunday, April Fools Day, our 18-lb wire-haired Dachshund mix, Emily, gave birth to eleven – yes, ELEVEN! – little puppies!   Emily had been transported in late February to our shelter from an Eastern Kentucky rescue that didn’t realize the young dog had recently been impregnated prior to transport.   Director, Bunny Zeller, and Board Members, Suzanne and Jill, sat up with Emily all night Saturday, March 31, 2012,  when it became evident that poor Emily was either going to have her babies soon or burst!  Not one to disappoint the people who love her, Emily started popping them out a little after midnight and by 5am she had produced ten babies.  She snuck the eleventh puppy in on us sometime later that morning (as if ten puppies wasn’t a good enough April Fools prank!).

Although Emily had plenty of milk for her puppies, several of them were much smaller than their bigger siblings so we set up a schedule for ‘nipple duty.’  Every four hours, a volunteer or staff member sits with Emily and family to make sure the four littlest puppies get to nurse uninterrupted.    The puppies are weighed once a day and all are doing very well!    This is not only a testament to Emily being such a wonderful and attentive mom but is also due  to the selfless dedication of our wonderful volunteers – Gale, Joan, Janice, Sherri, Suzanne, Wendy, and Jackie.

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