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No doubt you’ve all seen one of the ASPCA’s or HSUS’s heartbreaking commercials on TV which show dogs and cats that have been abused, neglected, and displaced. And, if you’re like most people, you’ve felt compelled to make a donation to one or maybe both of those organizations in support of their efforts. But did you know that there are dogs and cats right here in Louisville’s shelters that need your help and financial support?

The Animal Care Society, in abidance of its no-kill policy established in 1983, ensures that every dog, puppy, cat, and kitten entrusted to its care receives age-appropriate preventative medical services. The Society also ensures, however, that each one of its guests receives whatever medical services that may be required to diagnose and treat any illness or injury that the animal may experience while awaiting a new home.

Fortunately, most of our canine and feline guests require only routine medical services such as wormings, vaccinations, and flea/tick/heartworm preventatives during their stay with us. These costs are built into our budget and are generally recouped through our adoption fees. From time to time, however, a dog or cat incurs medical expenses that vastly exceed the adoption fee that the shelter places upon that animal.

Here is how the Spirit Fund has helped some of these animals:

Had it not been for the Spirit Fund and the generous discounts we received from Evergreen Animal Hospital, St. Matthews Animal Clinic, Animal Dermatology of Louisville, Gailor Animal Hospital, and Pewee Valley Vet Clinic, the future would not have been very bright for these sweet babies. Without the Spirit Fund, there may not be a future for some of the dogs and cats that will walk through our doors in the future.

ACS receives no federal or state-funding and relies on adoption fees, membership dues, and donations to meet its annual expenses. We know times are really tough right now but your contributions are also needed now more than ever. By donating what you can – even a dollar helps – to the Spirit Fund, you help us provide a happy and healthy future to less fortunate dogs and cats that might otherwise have nowhere else to go. Please, give what you can as often as you can.

Please donate to ACS, and designate that your donation be used for the Spirit Fund.

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