Spirit Fund: Peaches’s Story

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Her care at ACS

When Peaches arrived at ACS in January 2009, she appeared to be a normal healthy one-year old cat. Within a few weeks of being spayed, however, we noticed that her once beautiful coat had patchy bald spots. Medical tests and bloodwork ruled out all the usual suspects – flea allergy, ringworm, as well as fungal and bacterial infections. When her condition couldn’t be resolved by a local veterinarian, Peaches was referred to a specialist at Animal Dermatology of Louisville. After another battery of tests and bloodwork, it was determined that Peaches had Pemphigus Foliaceous. (check spelling and give brief explanation of condition). She was started on a medication that often had great success in controlling this condition but not without side effects. Peaches had to have periodic bloodwork to monitor her body’s response to the medication. Unfortunately, the medication didn’t yield the results everyone hoped for so Peaches was started on another medication which also required routine bloodwork. Over the next several months, the specialist worked diligently to find the combination of medications that would ease Peaches suffering. Currently, her monthly expenses for medication and monitoring are well over $200 a month. To date, ACS has paid over $1,500 in medical expenses for Peaches and, because her condition can only be controlled but not cured, she will continue to incur medical expenses related to this condition for the rest of her life.

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