The Re-Tail Thrift Shop

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The Re-Tail Thrift Shop is located at 10519 Watterson Trail, J-Town, KY 40299.

Hour of operation are Wed-Sat 10am-5pm.

Proceeds go toward helping the animals at The Animal Care Society.

Stop by and shop! We have lots of great items including designer purses and handbags, American Girl Dolls, kitchen items, furniture, kids toys, dog and cat items, home decorations, holiday decorations, and more!

We are always looking for volunteers and donated items to sell, so please contact us at or (502)654-7019 if you would like to help. Please contact us ahead of time and set up an appointment if you are donating furniture.  Due to ACS losing the Boutique space we can no longer take any of the Re-Tail Thrift Shop donations at the shelter. We are using the space for our Boutique workshop now. Please take donations directly to the Thrift Shop. The exception will be Dog or Cat related items, YES we still want them at the shelter and what we don’t use at the shelter we will pass on to another shelter or the Thrift shop. If you have items for the boutique you can still bring them to the shelter, just tell them at the desk its for the boutique. Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.

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Here’s a few photos of the Shop…






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