ACS’s Facilities

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Our Current Facility, Built in 1988

Since its inception in 1984, when it was a small group of volunteers working out of a basement under the name of Animal Anonymous, The Animal Care Society is Louisville’s oldest NO-KILL facility for dogs and cats. When a permanent shelter was built in 1988, it was considered ‘state of the art’ and provided a home-away-from-home atmosphere for up to 10-12 dogs and 20 cats at a time.

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While we still provide the same loving care to each of our furry guests, the shelter has for several years housed triple the number of animals it was built to accommodate and, because we are always at full capacity, we have to turn away dozens of dogs and cats every month. To meet the increasing demand for a safe haven for these deserving pets while they wait for new homes, we are currently in the planning stages of expanding the shelter.



The new design will not only allow us to help more dogs and cats, it will streamline the daily care and cleaning processes, making our small staff even more efficient. Keep watching our website for progress reports!


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