Adoption Policy

Adoption Policy – Finding the Best Homes for our Furry Guests

 The Animal Care Society firmly believes living with a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  We want the adoption of each dog or cat under our care to be a permanent, healthy, and loving indoor situation for the both the animal and the adopting family.  We work hard to ensure that the animal you select is the most suitable for your family in order to achieve the best possible placement.

We have turned almost three decades of experience at finding loving and permanent homes for our furry guests into a well-thought-out process.  Some of the criteria we use to determine adoption suitability for each animal and family are as follows:

  • adopters must be at least 21 years of age.
  • a valid picture ID (State ID or Driver’s License) is required at the time of the adoption to confirm the adopter’s identity, address, and age.
  • parental/roommate consent to bring an animal into the home must be provided.
  • every resident in the adopter’s home, including any dog in the home if the adoption is for a dog, must visit the adoption animal at the shelter.
  • we require three personal references.  Only one reference can be from a non-resident family member. All references must be from someone twenty-one years or older.
  • the Animal Care Society does not permit adoption of animals as surprise gifts.
  • the Animal Care Society verifies veterinary records on all current pets and on all pets owned by the prospective adopter in the last five years.

At our discretion, we may deny any application.

We often receive more than one application on a particular animal. When this occurs, the most appropriate home will be chosen based on our knowledge of the animal’s personality and needs. In instances where we determine that more than one of the applicants for the same animal would be a suitable home, the applicant whose application was received first shall be approved for the animal in question and the staff will recommend other animals with similar qualities/personalities to the other approved applicant(s).

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