Furry Friends Art Auction

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Annual Student Art Auction: May 24, 2012- preview art from 6pm to 7pm, auction from 7pm to 9pm

Kelly Reynolds is an artist, teacher and animal lover. This is a VERY good combination for the Animal Care Society!

[image size=”Medium” align = “left” lightbox =”true” width =”375″ height = “325” ]http://www.animalcaresociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Art-Auction-042409-013.jpg[/image]

As a teacher at Moore High School, Kelly teaches students various techniques in many mediums. One particular art project includes taking discarded and “homeless” pieces of furniture which the students clean up and artistically paint creating one of kind masterpieces. (Kind of sounds like what we do here at the shelter: take in homeless pets, clean ‘em up and present the little gems to the public!)

[image size=”Medium” align = “left” lightbox =”true” width =”400″ height = “250” ]http://www.animalcaresociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Art-Auction-042409-011.jpg[/image]

The students’ creations are presented at an auction to benefit the Animal Care Society. Every bidding war between art patrons means more food, medication and supplies to care for our beloved critters.

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