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Bark in the Park 2011:  Seneca Park, September 17

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Before the Woof Walkers finished their final lap around Seneca Park, the crowd began to flow in.  Old friends, volunteers from rescues, shelter workers, and adoption alumni families greeted each other warmly.  It was dogs, dogs and more dogs everywhere.  There were a variety breeds attending the event, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and Pyrenees and every breed in between, sometimes mixed up all in one dog! F amilies were toting babies, both human and dog.  Tiny children walked with giant dogs and grown women snuggled itty bitty pups under their chins.

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Huge beribboned baskets, colorful items and beautiful arrangements met festival goers at the Silent auction booth.  Bidders carefully watched each other in a quest to win the baskets they desired. Each item held treasures like certificates from local businesses, restaurants, local attractions and favorite retail establishments! Many happy campers headed to their cars with baskets towering over their heads!

The Canine Contests at Bark in the Park are one of our biggest draws for dog lovers.  This year’s Kissing, Halloween Costume, and  Owner lookalike contests’ judges were gracious volunteers from the media: print, radio and television.  Jules Bush, regional publisher of Tails Magazine (one of our proud sponsors), Laura Shine, Assistant Program Director and On Air Host for WFPK (public radio), and Angie Fenton, Managing Editor of the Voice Tribune and correspondent for WHAS’ Great Day Live, are all huge dog lovers.  Angie missed the kissing contest, understandably, due to a Saturday morning vet visit that took longer than expected.  Janet Warner, ACS Development Assistant, stood in to be slobbered on by contestants, a contest detail she neglected to inform Ms. Laura Shine.  Despite the shock, Laura and the other judges took it on the chin, the nose, and eyeball and at least in one case, a sinus cavity as 13 dogs were presented by their owners to determine the “Pooch with the best Smooch”!  The Kissing Contest winners were:

  • First place:  Gizmo (Lizzie Gersh)
  • Second place:  Chopper (Courtney Forehand)
  • Third place:  Riley, an adoptable dog from Metro Animals Services

Highlight: The Kissing Contest

Halloween Costume Contest winners:

  • First place:  Louie (Jessica Couch) dressed as a referee
  • Second place:  A pair of Boston Terriers dressed as prisoners
  • Third place:  Amber and Murphy (Lisa McKinley), two Cocker Spaniels dressed as Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Owner Lookalike Contest winners:

  • First place:  Jason and his English bulldog mix Max
  • Second place:  Vicky and Sammy, a shaggy ACS alumni
  • Third place:  Shelly and her Pomeranian Duchess

Dog of the Year Contest winners:

  • First place:  Bogy Perry (Mary Ellen Perry), an ACS alumnus
  • Second place:  Summit (Ginger Schmidt)
  • Third place:  Wally (Amber & Chris Osmer)

In the children’s area, the face painting line grew so long for the fanciful artistry of volunteer Ginger that she had to pull in a friend and another volunteer to keep up with demand! The Bluegrass bouncers house rocked nexted the steady stream of hungry patrons at the Coca-Cola truck.

Highlight: Young Pet Advocates Interview

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