Cat Adoption of the Month Version 1

Peaches, Cat of the Month

Siamese Mix
Medium • Adult • Female

Peaches is a very sweet white Siamese mix with calico points. She is super friendly, super affectionate, and super cute.  Just ask her!  Peaches is quick to purr her delight and doesn’t mind being held and cuddled.  She loves to play, too, and is sure to make some lucky person/family a fun-loving, feline friend!  The only reason she is still with us after more than a year is because of an immune disorder that will require Peaches being under medical care for the rest of her life.  Currently, her condition is being maintained by steroids but she will probably always require periodic examinations and medication adjustments as necessary.   It’s a shame that such a rotten hand was dealt to such an awesome little cat but we continue to hope that someone will overlook Peaches’ special needs and see, instead, her special beauty and personality!

Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Calico
Coat length: Medium

I am available for adoption.

More details about Peaches

Pet ID: 5230 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained • Special Needs


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