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Although we ask adopters all the time to send us a little write-up about their new furry family member so that we can post their stories to our website, very few people take us up on it.   So we were delighted when adopters of not one but TWO ACS furry guests shared their story with us:



by Jeff and Linda


My wife and I had three beagles and four cats at one time, all rescues. We kept an eye on the usual places to adopt, including Animal Care Society (ACS). We didn’t have any furbabies left when we learned about the ACS Re-Tail Thrift Shop.

I took a batch of stuff to ACS to donate to the Re-Tail store one Saturday and saw a cute little dog out being walked. I asked if they had any beagles, but they didn’t. I said, “Well, let me see your little dogs, then.”

That cute little dog came in and jumped up on my leg and looked at me with those big brown eyes, and I took a picture. I showed it to my wife and said it was the saddest little scruffy face in there.

The next Saturday, I took another load of goods to donate, and I looked in on the little dogs again. This time, I took a picture of Mister and texted it to my wife. We came in the next day and adopted Mister! (He’s a cute, gray Malti-poo, who weighs 15 pounds but thinks he weighs in at 500! He was surrendered to ACS by a family that had trouble keeping him busy.)

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after Mister was living with us that we saw his “before” picture. It was then we realized Mister was the same little guy I’d met the week before! The difference was he had been groomed by Chris at Puppy Cuts and he was a new dog!

Mister fit right in as the “only dog” in the house. He loves to play keep away with his chewy toys and go on walks, and we thought we couldn’t love an adopted dog more than we love Mister. Mister seems to be extra-attached to daddy, and my wife has said “I wish we had a dog that loved me best!”

For two years we’ve taken Mister to Chris at Puppy Cuts to be groomed. One day recently, on the way, Chris texted and said “I have Mister’s little playmate here with me now.”

We get to Puppy Cuts and Chris is sitting on the floor with this beautiful, black-and-white Havanese baby boy (eight years old) named Brody.   Brody’s background wasn’t as rosy as Mister’s. Brody was rescued from a “hoarder situation,” and was adopted from a California shelter with intent that he would be a companion dog for young adult with mental challenges.   Unfortunately, the two were not a good fit for each other.   Add to that, Brody was terrified of a toddler living in the home.    Although the family loved Brody, shortly after moving to Louisville they decided it was best all-around for Brody to find a more suitable home and they took him to ACS.

That night, my wife sat down on the floor at Puppy Cuts and Brody came over and immediately started loving on her! When the person from ACS came to pick up Brody, we could barely tear Brody away from my wife! Apparently this was surprising to the folks at ACS, as Brody was a little skittish.

Fast forward to…the very next day, we took Mister back to ACS for the meet-and-greet, and Mister and Brody got along just fine! So we took Brody home.

Brody was scared of about everybody and everything at first. Then we took him to the vet where he had five abscessed teeth removed. He recovered from the extractions like a champ! He became a new dog almost overnight, probably because he wasn’t having dental pain any more!

It took Brody a little while to get used people loving on him and to structured eating and eliminating times. But Mister and Brody have become good buddies. They don’t have any food jealousy issues, and they love to run and play together.

Many thanks to Jeff and Linda for opening their hearts and home to these two wonderful little dogs and giving both of them the Happy Ending they (and all pets) deserve!

Mister the Malti poo after grooming (4) Mister before grooming pic 030317 Mister goes to his new home 031017 Brody goes to his new home 033019 Brody and Mister




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