Daisy Duke’s Story

BEFORE:  Daisy Duke was a very well-mannered Schnauzer mix that, prior to 2012, hadn’t had a lot of luck in finding a forever home.  Adopted as a puppy from ACS in September 2006, she was given away in 2009 without our knowledge.  In mid-July, 2011, she was picked up as a stray by Metro Animal Services.  Neither her original owners nor her most recent owners had registered Daisy’s microchip but it did trace back to ACS so, fortunately,  Daisy Duke ended back up at ACS when neither family wanted her back.   Month after month, Daisy waited for her Special Person to show up.  When interested adopters would visit her, she’d pull out all the stops even lying on the floor with her head in their lap to show them how calm and loving she was.    Then, in February, 2012, the miracle Daisy had been hoping for happened.   We received an email from a woman who lived in Vincennes, Indiana who was captivated by both Daisy’s pictures and her story.   Luckily (since Daisy wasn’t always fond of other dogs), the woman preferred to have only one dog and, because she lived alone,  she wanted a dog that would appear imposing but was actually  a real lovebug.    We agreed Daisy would be perfect for her and on February 11, 2012,  Daisy Duke, with her favorite toys and bed in tow, made the trip to her forever home in Indiana.

NOW:  “Daisy Duke sends greetings from Indiana.  She is adjusting very well to her new surroundings. While I think she misses the dog park, I think sleeping on a big bed and going for lots of car rides more than makes up for it.  She still gets to go on walks everyday, just not all at once.  I take her on short walks around the neighborhood at lunch and longer walks after work and on the weekends.  She still likes to pull on the leash when walking but she is getting better at not doing this.  I have a big house and a big backyard that Daisy enjoys very much.  Daisy seems to like to play inside as well as outside.  Her favorite toy is still her alligator “Ally.”   I am so grateful that you though of her and sent her toys and bed with her.  Not only is Ally her favorite toy to play with but Ally goes to bed with us every night.  Her bunny has also made it to the bedroom.  During the daytime, Daisy naps on her bed.  I only put her in her crate when I am gone to work.  She doesn’t seem to like the crate but I want her to be safe while I am gone.  She’s never in there more than four hours at a time.  The crate is her biggest adjustment.  In time, I hope to be able to leave her out on her own.  Daisy had her first check up with Dr. Collins last Monday.  She said that Daisy was in excellent health and had a very good temperament.  She sent home a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Daisy is not too fond of getting her teeth brushed but she will tolerate it.   Thanks again for the wonderful work you do caring for the unwanted animals.”  –    Coleen B and Daisy Duke

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