Director’s Letter 2021

Dear Members,

Looking out my office window, I have a view of the dog yards and kennels where our dogs spend part of their day in good weather. After three days of single digit temperatures, we finally have sunshine and 55 degrees, allowing our doggies to enjoy the outside wearing their knit sweaters. Our kitties are basking in the garden window, catching rays of sunshine. Although we are a shelter, our fur babies are able to enjoy the “home like” atmosphere we provide every day. Just like any home, they have a bed, blankets, toys, sweaters, cow hooves, and long walks in the park or neighborhood. I am grateful we can provide these amenities.

We are able to provide these amenities because of our caring staff, dedicated volunteers, and the generosity of our members, donors, local residents and businesses. Thank you for making our jobs easier and more enjoyable knowing we can offer this “home like” atmosphere.

Some are not as lucky as our pets in this winter weather. Please be mindful that cats and kittens hide under car hoods to stay warm. Before starting your engine, double check under the hood. If you see a pet outside in extreme weather or other mistreatment, please call your local shelter. If we want to see changes in animal welfare, we must all do our part to help when we can. Animals do not have a voice, but we do.

With spring heading our way, you will see more pregnant moms and kittens. Small kittens without their mother does not necessarily mean mom is dead. Remember, mothers have to hunt food for survival. So, before taking kittens, make sure mom hasn’t been around for many hours before rescuing, because a kittens best chance of survival is with mom.

I would also like to thank those who participated in our fundraisers and have been donating thru out 2020 and 2021. Because of your support, we were able to keep the shelter going during this pandemic and as we move further into 2021, we are hopeful our fundraisers will be able to go back to normal very soon.


Bunny Zeller

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