Director’s Message

Welcome to The Animal Care Society’s website.  We appreciate you taking the time to visit our animals and learn more about us. I hope you will take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our site and browse all the latest success stories and pictures from families who adopted their forever pet from us.  Then visit our adoptable companion pets waiting for their forever homes. I would like to add your adoption to our success stories.  Don’t forget to check out our calendar of events and fundraiser pages for our current and upcoming events and activities.

We hold three major fundraisers each year. .  The support from area businesses, donors, members our hard working staff and devoted volunteers is amazing.  The Animal Care Society is very blessed to be able to work with such compassionate and caring people. I want to thank the  wonderful community who helped our shelter with donations and their valuable time.

Many have asked how they can help our mission, and one of the simplest ways is to spread the word about our shelter and mission. Send people our way when they are ready to adopt.  The more pets we can rehome, the more pets we can help in the community. With the down economy, more and more pets are finding themselves homeless through no fault of their own.  Shelters are overflowing because of this.  For those of us who have the maximum number of pets already, but still want to help these homeless pets, consider adopting a pet through our Sponsor-A-Pet program.  This program allows anyone to help feed, house, and meet medical needs of a specific animal named, without the personal responsibility of its care.  For those of you who want to help the shelter generally, you can do so by donating needed supplies found on our “How you can help” drop down box or by donating monetarily.

If you are like some of us and extra money is scarce yet you still want to help, donate your time as a volunteer.  Not only will the pets be rewarded with your presence, but you will make a new loving friend who can’t wait for your next visit.

The Animal Care Society is proud of what we have accomplished, rehoming thousands of pets into forever loving homes.  We could not have accomplished this without community support and our loyal members.  We invite and encourage anyone, who is not a member of ACS, to join us in our quest to continue our mission and to meet the demands of homeless pets in our community, who cannot speak for themselves.

Please join us in caring for the innocent and deserving pets by supporting ACS in any possible way.

Thank You,

Bunny Zeller
Executive Director

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