Featured Dog

Pawla Abdul is a people-friendly, smart, energetic and powerful young dog that was transferred to ACS from a rural-county shelter. Although we were told that Pawla is good with other dogs, she seems to have a high prey-drive that really kicks in when she’s around smaller and/or vocal dogs. Pawla seems to quickly bond through playtime with her male companions who are her size or larger. When Pawla meets a new friend, she can be seen racing up and down the fence with a wide grin. However, there isn’t a single female dog she has ever been persuaded to agree with. Because she was a stray, we weren’t given much information about Pawla and can’t say with certainty whether or not she is house-trained. During her time at the shelter, she has shown us that she prefers to use the restroom outside. She is very good about keeping her kennel clean but her owner should be willing and prepared to work with Pawla on house-training should it prove necessary. Pawla has pretty good leash manners except for when she sees or hears a smaller dog or creature such as a squirrel. This is a behavior that definitely needs to be addressed by her adopter. And, because of her strength, Pawla needs an experienced and physically capable owner. A home with a fenced yard large enough to give Pawla the room she needs to run and play would definitely be a plus! Someone who is active outdoors and will make sure that Pawla receives a lot of exercise would be ideal for her. Pawla has the intellect to make training easy, and the proof was through her ability to quickly learn our routine at ACS. She also loves to chase the tennis ball, and knows when you are trying to trick her. She is one smart cookie! She will be a wonderful challenge for her quick wit, and a delight for her lovable and playful nature. If you don’t mind a dog that has a few ‘ruff’ edges, then Pawla just might be the right dog for you. To meet her, just stop by our shelter soon!

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