Adopt a Pet


Why Adopt from ACS?

One of the best things about life is that it’s full of second chances! When people adopt a new family member from a shelter they are giving a pet a second chance in life! Many folks go to a breeder for a specific type of pet but those same animals can be found at the Animal Care Society! And if there isn’t such an animal at our shelter, ACS staffers are happy to refer interested parties to the RIGHT breed rescue group!

The pets available at the Animal Care Society are special. Careful selection, constant socialization, diligent loving daily care and even hand raised kittens and puppies make our candidates for adoption a premium in the shelter world.

While we are still a shelter, we make every effort to make a cat or dog feel at home here! It goes a long way in deferring some of the kennel fatigue experienced by shelter animals. From the devoted man who shows up every day to walk dogs to the sweet lady who arrives each week to make sure the kittens  have their nails trimmed, everyone involved works to make the shelter experience less traumatic  for each animal.

In addition to tender loving care, our pets are up to date on shots and spayed or neutered. If a pet is too young to be altered, a spay/neuter voucher is attached to the adoption fee.

When a family takes a pet home from Animal Care Society, they can be assured our pets have received the best of care our shelter can provide.

The Animal Care Society is a private, NO-KILL shelter/adoption agency for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Policy: Individuals and families wishing to adopt an animal must visit the shelter and complete an application. If the adoption pertains to a dog, any current dogs residing in the prospective home must also visit the shelter to ensure compatibility.

Applications are reviewed and references are checked to ensure that the best possible and most suitable placement is made for each animal.

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