KY Gives Day 2014


THANK YOU to everyone who donated on KY Gives Day!! With YOUR help we raised $2,025.00 for the animals!!! If you missed KY Gives Day but would still like to donate to help the rescued backyard breeder dogs, please donate here, or mail a check to The Animal Care Society at 12207 Westport Rd, Louisville, KY 40245. Thank you all for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you!!!



On 2/28/14, The Animal Care Society rescued 11 dogs from a backyard breeder in Kentucky. These poor dogs have no vet care and will all need shots, spays/neuters, and lots of love. We will provide all care necessary to prepare these sweeties for adoption into loving homes where they will be treated like family.

KY Gives Day is a 24 hour period of giving on April 9th, 2014. Additional prizes will be awarded to the charities that raise the most funds. We need YOU to help these rescued dogs. Thank you!

Please visit The Animal Care Society’s KY Gives Day Site here:


mirandaMiranda (named after Miranda Lambert of MuttNation Foundation) is one of these dogs. Miranda is an adult yorkie who has been bred for who knows how long. As soon as she came in, we noticed that one breast was bigger than the others, but thought it was just left over from nursing her most recent forced litter of puppies. As we bathed her to rid her of her smell and fleas, we saw that the lump was actually very large and round—it was definitely not breast milk. We rushed her to St Matthews Animal Clinic and learned that she had an inguinal hernia. The vet explained that the lump hanging down from poor Miranda’s belly was basically her entire stomach. We believe that she had been in this condition for quite some time, bred over and over again despite this.

Miranda had her surgery to repair her inguinal hernia at St Matthews Animal Clinic and is currently recovering. The vet also spayed her while she was under, AND removed 12 teeth as a result of the poor care she was given by her previous owner. Poor baby girl has been through a lot but is on her way to recovery. She can only eat canned food.


butterscotchheathchoo chooButterscotch, came to us very shy and scared. Butterscotch is an adult female Chihuahua. She was acting very tired with no appetite, so we brought her to Blue Pearl, the emergency vet. Heath,a chihuahua mix puppy, demonstrated the same symptoms and was taken to PeeWee Valley Vet. After a few days of care at the vet, both are now off of fluids and recovering at ACS. Choo Choo has now come down with the same symptoms and is at Peewee Valley vet for treatment. His symptoms were caught early, so we hope that he will recover quickly.


P1010255Hi. My name is ChaCha. I didn’t have a name before I came to ACS. I was just a source of income to my backyard-breeder owner. For about 4 years I was used to produce litter after litter of puppies that could then be sold for money. Unfortunately, my previous owner didn’t spend much money on taking care of me. I’ve been shaved down now, but when I first got here I was covered in a lot of painful matts all the way down to my skin. But that was the least of my problems. Today I was tested for heartworms and it came up as a very strong positive. Untreated, heartworms could have killed me (If you google images, you can see that heartworms look like a bunch of spaghetti clogging the inside of your heart. It’s pretty gross). Luckily, I can be treated. It will take a few months and it is very expensive to treat, but the people at ACS know that I deserve a chance to live in a real home with a real family that will love me and treat me like a family member instead of like a puppy mill. Will you help me?

Please visit The Animal Care Society’s KY Gives Day Site here:

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