Contribute to the Wish List

The Society relies upon the kindness of donors. Even if you can’t donate your time to volunteer, please consider donating items from our Wish List below. These supplies are used on a daily basis and are very much appreciated. Items can be dropped off at our Center during the center’s normal business hours:

  • 12207 Westport Road, Louisville, KY
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays — 11 AM to 7 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays — 11 AM to 5 pm
  • Sundays — 1 PM to 5 pm
  • The shelter is closed Mondays and Tuesdays

And remember, donations are tax deductible!

We are currently in need of:

1. Stamps

2. Unstuffed Toys

3. Grain Free Dog Food, any brand

4. Nylabones (small)

5. Non-Scoopable, Clay Kitty Litter (the inexpensive kind that runs around $6 for a 50-lb bag)

6. Frontline Plus or Pet Armor Plus (can be purchased at Wal-mart and Target) for 89-132 lbs dogs

7. Fabuloso cleaner

8. Liquid Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency/HE only)

9. Bleach

10. Method Brand Bathroom Cleaner, Eucalyptus Mint scent (it’s great for cleaning up when dogs potty in their kennels)

11. Toilet Paper

12. 33 Gallon Garbage Bags

13. 50-55 Gallon Garbage bags

14. Paper Towels


ACS also would be happy to receive your aluminum cans for recycling. Newspapers (minus sales inserts) are also greatly appreciated, especially Wall Street Journal’s if you have them.

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