Every quarter, The Animal Care Society releases a newsletter full of updates about the shelter, upcoming fundraisers and events, results of previous fundraisers and events, happy ‘tails’ about animals that have been adopted, and tips for pet owners.

Lucky for you, the newsletter will now be available on our website!

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Winter ’13-’14 Newsletter


Resource Information for your pets.

“The author of this article is Lamia Walker of Housesit Match.”

How to ensure your pets are safely cared for while travelling-V1

The true cost of keeping a dog in 2020 (Know exactly how much money it takes to care for a dog responsibly, from adoption to emergencies).


Resource for the Elderly and pets.

This is a free resource that provides comprehensive information on topics like the benefits and risks of pet ownership, things to consider before bringing a pet into a community, pet adoption, and State sponsored organizations that support both pets and their elderly owners. You can read more about our work here:

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