Spirit Fund: Nevada’s Story

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Her care at ACS

We thought four-year old Nevada hit the jackpot when she was adopted in April 2006. But her luck ran out when her owner brought her back to ACS in September 2010 because he was moving out of town and his vet didn’t feel Nevada would fare well on the cross-country trip. Her owner mentioned that Nevada preferred soft food because she had ‘a few bad teeth’ but an examination by a vet a couple of weeks after Nevada re-entered ACS determined that she had severe stomatitis and needed a full mouth extraction. Even with the generous discount Evergreen Animal Hospital gave ACS, Nevada’s charges still came to over $1,600. The couple that fostered Nevada pre- and post-operatively and eventually adopted her raised donations to help with Nevada’s medical expenses but the majority of her vet bill was paid out of the Spirit Fund.

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