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Community support sustains ACS

It’s more than just the warm fuzzy feeling that one gets when writing a check to an animal shelter.  It is so much more than that!

The Animal Care Society is a 501(c)(3) organization that relies entirely on adoptions and donations to complete its mission as a non-profit No Kill adoption agency.  As the Louisville area continues to further embrace the concept of a No-Kill culture, ACS has been practicing this philosophy since 1983.  While ensuring that adoptable animals are placed in safe happy forever homes, the shelter uses a lot of resources to house, feed, and provide medical care for those animals awaiting the adoption process.  Re-homing displaced animals because of irresponsible humans and the ever increasing population that makes the heartbreaking decision to surrender pets for economic reason is expensive.  In simple words:  “No Kill ain’t cheap!”  Not if it is to be done correctly as ACS aspires to do DAILY!

Donating to such a cause is indeed noble.  But it’s also financially smart.  Donations by annuity, cash, and check can be deducted on tax forms.  Donations of cleaning supplies and cat litter are also tax deductions.  Donations of time, while not tax deductible, are stress relieving, good exercise, and character building.  Curling up with the residents in the cat room, will lower blood pressure!  Puppy kisses are especially good for building self esteem!

In addition to the personal benefits of time and resource donation, sharing resources with the Animal Care Society puts individuals into a community; a community of like minded humanely focused people who want to care for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Helping to build forever families is a very rewarding experience!

Many people bring special talents to the Animal Care Society table.  For all the check writing, floor scrubbing, and dog walking, spreading the good word about ACS can be just as helpful.  When someone mentions that they love animals, ask about their pets and where they came from.  If they are looking for a pet, mention what wonderful animals available at our shelter.  Careful selection, constant socialization, diligent loving daily care and even hand raised kittens and puppies make our candidates for adoption a premium in the shelter world.

Listed below are specific types of community support upon which The Animal Care Society depends.

Donations, especially Memorials and Tributes — A memorial donation or tribute for a deceased loved one or beloved pet is a kind expression of your caring and sympathy.  A donation in honor of a special occasion or event is a thoughtful and unique gift. Bequests and Endowments The Animal Care Society is a charity worth remembering.  The work we do can continue in your name. We hope you will consider the Society when making your Will.  Donate online here.

Volunteer — Much of our daily work (keeping cages/kennels/yards clean; assisting with feedings; walking/rotating dogs; doing laundry; washing dishes; etc.) is done by volunteers. You can help by giving your love and a few hours each week. No experience is necessary. Volunteers must be a mature 16 or 17 years of age or older (and be willing to work hard and get dirty). Volunteer orientations are generally conducted at the shelter on Saturday mornings. On Saturday mornings you will work with a staff member or experienced volunteer. Once you have submitted an application to volunteer, please call the shelter at (502) 426-6303 and talk to a staff member about scheduling a Saturday morning or “shadowing” an experienced volunteer during the week day. Apply online here.

Membership — Become a member of The Animal Care Society and your annual subscription will help us meet the costs of operating and maintaining the Center, as well as caring for our pets.

You will also receive our quarterly newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date on all our activities. Inform your friends about the Society and our work in pet adoptions, and join us at our special events and help with donations.  Join online here.

Sponsor-a-Pet— Give a sponsorship of your favorite ACS pet for your favorite pet lover and help a homeless animal!  The recipient will receive a letter, with the sponsored pet’s photo, notifying the recipient of your gift.

There are many reasons to sponsor an ACS pet.  If you are not in a position to adopt a pet, you can still contribute and know that you are helping dogs and cats in need.  You can sponsor a pet in memory or in honor of someone and have your name or business listed along with that pet’s bio on the website.  Sponsoring a pet is a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet.  It also makes a nice birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift for the animal lover.

A sample listing:
“Carlos” is sponsored by Carly Giarrusso in memory of her beloved dog Splash who is greatly missed.

Pets can have multiple sponsors.  The donations received through our sponsorship program benefit ACS as an organization, which, in turn, benefits all our dogs and cats.

How It Works
Donate a minimum $10 per month – per pet – for a 3-month minimum commitment.  Sponsor-a-Pet online here.

  • ACS will contact you within a few days after receiving your completed form.
  • You (or the recipient of your gift) will be sent a letter of notification.
  • Should your sponsored pet be adopted within your sponsorship commitment period, another pet will be selected for the duration of your sponsorship term.

Contribute Supplies to the Wish List — The Society relies upon the kindness of donors.  Even if you can’t donate your time to volunteer, please consider donating items from our Wish List.  These supplies are used on a daily basis and are very much appreciated.  Items can be dropped off at our Center – 12207 Westport Road, Louisville, KY – during the center’s normal business hours: Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM. The shelter is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  And remember, donations are tax deductible.

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